A downloadable game for Windows

Using the player controller code as the starting point. The idea for the game is to take control of other game obejects as your tools/weapons.

Your player is unarmed. And requires the possession of the enemy AI, which will put you into first person perspective, to kill the enemy. Your Job is to keep your player alive as long as possible, gaining points for enemies killed.
(Mouse click to gain possession, Q key to leave possession, ctrl to shoot in possession)

After the extension, the FPS movement and the AI were much improved. With the addition of a menu system to hold the sessions high score. The AI was still not fully realised in its shooting mechanic.

The primary issue of this project was a lack of time put towards the project in its initial development time. But the idea I believe to have been an interesting one. The AI mechanics have room for more elaborate interpretations than the outlined idea. However implementing simple AI proved to be one of the more challenging aspects of learning Unity. Therefore a game less large is scope with regards to AI requirements would be what I would have changed with hindsight or performing a similar task with the same knowledge.


Possession.zip 17 MB